Maple Syrup

Vermont is recognized the world over as the finest producer of maple syrup. Mansion House Maple Syrup has been part of Vermont’s sugar-making landscape since 1903.Ours is a family business that was started in 1903 by Frank and Annjanet (Nettie) Dodge of Johnson, Vermont.Like many Vermont dairy farmers, Frank and Nettie “sugared” during the slow time of the year – the winter months when the Sugar Maple Tree is leaving dormancy and readying for spring.Back then, wooden sap buckets were hung on the trees that are tapped in early March; horses were used to pull the dray carrying the gathering tub through the deep snow; and kerosene lanterns provided meager lighting in the sugarhouse.Today, we at Mansion House still tap trees and boil syrup on the same land that Frank and Nettie purchased almost 100 years ago.