About Vermont Maple Syrup

Real Maple Syrup Jugs Maple Syrup is a sweet and natural liquid made from the sap of Sugar Maple Trees. Maple Syrup is usually eaten with pancakes, French toast or waffles, but it is also used as a topping on ice cream, in baked beans, in pies and cakes, in specialty mustards and salad dressings – anywhere sugar or a sweetener is used, Maple Syrup can be used.

Have you ever had real, pure Vermont Maple Syrup? If not, you’re missing a sweet and special treat. Most commercial table syrups don’t contain any real maple syrup at all. They’re made from corn syrup and artificial flavors.

Maple Syrup is mainly produced in eastern Canada, the north eastern United States (New England) and the Great Lakes Region, but anywhere maple trees grow, Maple Syrup can be made.

In the spring, many Vermonters enjoy sugar-on-snow!

We might be a little prejudiced (we call it experienced), but we believe Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is the best. The state of Vermont takes Maple Syrup very seriously. The Vermont Department of Agriculture requires that all Maple Syrup sold in Vermont carries a label showing the grade of the syrup and the producer. Peter and Gidget Dodge of Mansion House Maple Syrup are members of the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association.